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Champions (2019-) #3
Jim Zub, Jacinto Benavente

Nice little tale set in DS9...

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Fool's Gold - Scott Tipton, David Tipton, Sharp Bros., Fabio Montovani

My two least favorite Star Trek shows were DS9 and then Voyager.   Oh, it wasn't that DS9 was bad, but more that it was my second to least favorite show.   I didn't get it into it as much as I got into TOS or TNG, or even Enterprise. 


However, this was a cute little foray into the DS9 verse, and it was nice to see O'Brien again.  When the station gets overrun with visitors - the kind who are called vagrants, and rightly so - it's up to Odo, Kira and Sisko  to find out why they're crowding the ship.   


Since Quark's is so full, they start their investigation there.   While they'd like to close the station, the Bajoran government is fond of the business, particularly the cut of the fees they get, including docking fees.   It's all tight, all in character with both the show and the particular characters, and it reminds me that I really should watch this whole show at some point.   There are compelling characters and story lines, and this graphic novel presents what I remember as the best of this show: the station is a microcosm of the Bajoran government as it tries to rebuild its society after occupation by the Cardassians.   


It was the humor and hope, however, that should have hooked me and somehow didn't.   It did in this format.   Yes, I think it's time to revisit space station Deep Space Nine soon.