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People suck

Dear lady, no you can't touch my knee because you like my Deadpool tights.   I was reading, clearly not interested in interacting once you touched me without asking, and should have said 'no, it's not okay.'


Your friend asked after the fact, and I'm sensitive about my knees - particularly the one that had a hole in marrow of the bone.  I really prefer people not to touch that at all, thanks.   It's been achy ever since, and I realize it's psychosomatic, but...


Meanwhile, the neighbors who were drinking on their porch with a mic and out-louding the drunken wedding flat out lied to me about it being the wedding.   Ugh.   I was going to tell them I was going to file a noise complaint, but my mom was afraid they'd be drunk and attack me, so I did them a favor even asking.   I'm sick of people just thinking they can do whatever late at night when I'm trying to sleep.  I've never called in a noise complaint, because y'know... it's me.   But when my mom can't sleep?   Yeaaaah, I called one in.   


Maybe, just maybe, they should have listened when I said Massachusetts bylaws said tone it down after nine.   Or maybe they should have listened when I complained that it was ridicoulsly loud.   


Now they've got a cop coming to their house instead, because they're so self-centered, their entertainment>people sleeping.   I don't know why they need a mic since they're all on a fucking porch, but, y'know...


I'm pretty pissed off that they tried to blame it on a wedding since it was clear that the sound of their mic got quieter as I got closer to the wedding.   Also, I no longer give a fuck and will tell them to quiet it down at the wedding if I can't sleep.   I actually find the sounds of drunken screeches more tolerable than this mic.  Which means I won't actually have to do anything about the wedding, I'm guessing.   


Also, dude, if you're having a wedding on your lawn, you still have to play by the laws.   If it does get annoying enough, I'll tell them.   I get it, but still, some people who aren't invited to your wedding might not only have to work the next day.  Not me, but y'know, some people.