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Mine - starting this marathon. FML.

Mine  - Katy Evans

My problems start before the book does.   Leave Here Without You by 3 Doors Down, and especially both Uprising by Muse and Demons by Imagine Dragons alone.   I'm looking at you Brooke and Remy.   Those are good songs, and don't touch them.   Step the fuck back.   I refuse to let you ruin that shit for me.   


Also, fuck.   VIII and I'm like -_-   Really. 


Also, page 4: 

"'Bring him out already!' another yells.   


'Oh, we will.   Have no doubt about it; we will,' the announcer somberly says, painfully drawing out for the crowd."


All I can think is this.


"Use semicolons incorrectly!' the illiterate mob yells. 


"Oh, I will.   Have no doubt about it; I will," Kay Evans gleefully says, painfully drawing out her poorly written cash cow for money.   


Fuck this shit.