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More on Karen S. Bell

Wow.   This is just gonna be a bunch of screenshots, with very little of my commentary honestly.  



First of all, thanks to someone else for digging out a couple links.  I followed up. 




So, sighs.   We have a review.   A review that points out a lot of offensive aspects of the novel, and says very clearly why she thought it was poorly edited.   Not necessarily written.   She admits the story has potential, but that's not good enough for Karen. 



Yeah,t he reviewer is angry and nasty because she didn't like the book.   And another author telling reviewers how to write reviews. 



Keep in mind this is something that she wrote before the reviewer had a chance to comment.   So she double posted, telling an unpaid reviewer that because she paid for a blog tour, she should get positive reviews only?    


And I had to laugh.  I'm  not going to sceenshot the reviewers answer, but, yes, she realized that there was a speech impediment.   It was handled poorly in her opinion, and was one of the things she found offensive in the book.   But because she didn't 'get it', she must not have read or realized this.   I guess Susan didn't really read or get the review, then, since the review clearly states that she realized there was a speech impediment. 



Um, no, you can trash a book, say it's stupid, say you feel stupider for having read it, but not trash other people.  I've said this about books that I hated when people I adore and respect tremendously loved them.  I do not adore or respect them any less.   It's their... thing.   Guilty pleasure, perhaps, or just something that hits their kink, or something that isn't written about often that they like.   Or they just have fantasies that they don't want to live out in real life, and find horrific in real life.   (I... fit into all of these at some point or the other, so please take all that with a grain of salt.   Or as me talking about me, and possibly others, if you prefer.)   Or something completely different that I don't understand, and I don't need to unless they feel like sharing.   It's not my place to question it, and I have enough weird crap I'm reading - dinoporn, DINOPORN! - that I'm not going to comment.   (It's still so hard to find dinobot porn.    I'm thinking of asking my online friends to use their google fu for my birthday for this if they decide to make me, um, happy.   In so many ways.)   


And yes, I veered way off topic, but, ugh.   I'm so tired of these authors, and this one in particular rubs me the wrong way. 



Why does she need to repeat this this amount of times on the same day?



Same question. 



Third times the charm.   So, she's a spammer, too.   



One more time to show her hypocrisy as she says here:




So... you're training us to want it for free, and wait for it for free, and then saying 'boo' to this?   Does not compute. 



She was employed as an editor.  I just... words fail me. 



Here she harasses someone who chose to read the book for class.   And since someone doesn't like what she did, she doesn't understand the simple concept of an actress viewing the world through movies.   Not liking and not understanding?   Two completely different things.  I'm perfectly capable of understanding you trying ti silence your dissenters, for example, and not liking it.   One bit. 



Fuck me.   Just... fuck me.   Just because someone else thinks there was no skimming the surface, it doesn't mean someone else will think the same exact thing.   


Does anyone else find it hilarious that she's like, *stomps foot, throws tantrum* 'but other people liked it, try it again!'    And then she turns around and thanks her for the wake-up call she's just bitched about, and said it's not for everyone.   I love how she's able to stick with one viewpoint of how she personally feels in one fraggin' paragraph.  


Scrap.   I need to go take another shower, now.