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Rashida Tlaib, Nancy Pelosi, Shoah revision and my reading choices and how I react to reading

It's going to take a while to tie this to my reading, so bear with me.  


So, yesterday I was pretty much blasted for saying that Jew hate is treated differently than other kinds of racism AND that I should just go with the democratic party for the good of others. 


Tlaib laid out a heavy piece of Shoah revision, saying that Arabs in the British Mandate of Palestine created a 'safe haven' for Jews.   Well, I guess if you consider trying to murder them 'safe'.   They created a hostile place from the get go, and still regularly try to murder all Jews, with one part of their government in gaza having a charter calling for the genocide of the Jews until a couple years ago. 


Can you imagine a democrat saying that whites created a 'safe haven' for black people in America when they were trafficked over to America?   Can you imagine the democrat's Speaker of the House saying that people were trying to smear that politician when they called them out for their historical inaccuracies?   Like, sorry that the blatantly open Jew hate in the democratic party isn't something many Jews accept.   I also don't read in a vacuum: the more the democrats systematically uphold Jew hate, the more I'm interested in reading Republican/conservative voices, even vile ones that I realize I don't agree with.   This is for two reasons: one, I have definitely gone through my #Jexodus; I continue to find reasons to turn my back on the democrat party the longer this goes on.   When people tell me to smile and take the antisemitism for the good of the democratic party, I wonder if they would say this to any other minority.   Nor does any other minority get as much flack for abandoning the party; Latino support for Trump soared to 50% in February this year.   Anyone want to slam them for their choices?   Or maybe, just maybe, you'll respect their culture and whatever decides this vote for them. But complaining that the Jews don't have solidarity, while not looking at other minorities is a double standard that places them in a position where they have to vote for Jew hate - or be branded as awful/traitors/racist/whatever you want to say about them.   If you're willing to say this about Jews, but not about the latinos and black people who vote for Trump, then you're being unfair to Jews. 


So basically what I see is that democrats and their supporters want to frolic with their Jew hate - and not see any backlash.   How dare we consider voting Republican?   (Which honestly, why?   I can note vote.   I checked; I'm not currently registered to vote, and not re-registering makes my choices so damn much easier.   By the way, no voting, writing in fictional characters, voting independent; I have more than two choices.)   They also want me to very, very considerate of every other minority, but are happy to see me vote for holocaust revisionists, and back them up.   (And yes, there are revisionists on both sides, but I was a big ol' lefty, so seeing it on the left hurts more so I'm calling it out more.)   Seeing it on the left also leaves me politically homeless, and feeling that if the democrats win, the Jews are really, really screwed.  If the Republicans win, we're really, really screwed, too.   It's just I haven't invested in the Rebublican party and they aren't white knighting as hard as the democrats, so...


But intertwined with liberals, lefties and democrats is the premise of diversity and calling out racism.    When I do so for others, and am sneered at when I point out democratic Jew hate, it doesn't make me want to read more diversely or care as much about calling gout other racism in my books.   Jew hate.   I'll focus on Jew hate since my solidarity is seen as a one way street where I'm asked to do far more for others than they're ever willing to do for me.   I've seen the silence in progressive circles about Jew hate, when Jew hate isn't eagerly cheered on and sheltered.   


I like my white men characters AND writers when it comes to comics.  I used to actively search for diverse characters and writers; I'm interested in my old standbys - mostly white dudes - and Jewish writers.   


The way I pick my reading, and the way I react when I see diversity in authors, and characters, has changed fairly dramatically.  It hurts too damn much to speak openly about my own pain and be told that I'm wrong in order to cape for those who hate me.  It's going to severely influence how I read and how I review, because I don't read, take in that reading, or review in a vacuum.   If you didn’t speak out against this, I owe you none of my time.  And good luck when they turn on you.   We’re referred to as the canaries in the coal mine because one the group abusing us in done chewing us up and spitting us out, they turn on all the other minorities.   I’ll be taking care of my own first by then, but if I have time and energy to spare, I’ll check in when I can.