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I'm a well read grad student who's bluntly honest about all things, although I try to be most honest about myself.   

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Spawn: Origins Volume 1 (New Printing)
Todd McFarlane
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Permanence du discours sur Israël
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Anti-Semite and Jew: An Exploration of the Etiology of Hate
Jean-Paul Sartre, Michael Walzer
Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman
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Israel/Palestine: How to End the War of 1948
Tanya Reinhart
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Vision in Silver
Anne Bishop
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Optimus Prime #24
Andrew Griffith, John Barber
Optimus Prime #23
Priscilla Tramontano, John Barber
Optimus Prime #22
Sara Pitre-Durocher, John Barber
Optimus Prime #21
Kei Zama, John Barber

She's in my state...

Blue is aaaalmost all mine...  Somehow, it's so frustrating to know that she's so close, yet not in my grasp yet. 


Also, all my classmates made me promise I'd bring her in and show her off before class on Tuesday.   One of them wants Blue so badly she can taste it. 


And also, there's a horror Humble Bundle.   I kinda want it.  It's got some great manga, and a Jerry Seinfeld book I can pretend doesn't exist, much like everything else Seinfeld does.   (So, explanation: everyone finds Seinfeld hilarious and I don't, and his ex-girlfriend shares my same uncommon name and so I kept getting that shoved into my face, and now I just find him grating because, ugh, why.   So I just pretend Jerry Seinfeld shit does not exist.)