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Thank you, Tina!


I love my box.   I got a couple Groot scalers - baby and teen -  and one is already on my headphones. I got some BB-8 and Deadpool socks, two boxes of herbal tea so I don't end up too wried up (thank you for remembering that part), a magical world steampunk puzzle, a Jurassic World poster/candy dispenser (It was a blind bag, and I got a T-Rex, which yay because I love the meat-eaters most), a beautiful card, and a copy of Written in Red.   I've been eyeing the physical book, so thank you.  I really wanted to reread this in print, but I never quite picked it up because I have it as an e-book.   I'm looking forward to it.   It might even get me to finish this series.  (I like Simon better in book one than book two, so I haven't quite finished two yet... but then again, I had the move and school, so I haven't really had a chance to even catch up on my comic books yet.)


I love it all!   I couldn't help but open the Jurassic World blind bag before I took a picture, and I'll be using both Scalers.   (I have two sets of headphones that I adore, so one on each, which is just perfect.)


And yes, getting this lovely package was a bright spot last night and looking at all my goodies is cheering me up today.   (I was too tired to post last night, and I wanted to be coherent.)


I'll be using the tea while studying today, and the headphones will baby Groot.  I'll also be eating the rest of the candy because I was like 'yes, candy!' last night.   (For those who haven't seen Scalers, they're little people that cling to your headphones.   So cute!   Groot is especially a wonderful choice because my lego set came last night, too, and I have a massive adult Groot in that so it's kinda like I have a full set of Groots!)


Thank you again.   Absolutely lovely package.    I'm always happy to see how thoughtful all the partners in these boxes are, and I hope the box I sent out did justice in comparison to the one I got!


Meanwhile, Mallory and I will be either co-running the holiday box - yes, I'm saying it right now - or else she'll be running it off of one of my ideas.   (LOL, I told her she could take credit for the idea, but I guess not since I'm saying it here.)   I'm going to DM her right now and see what she thinks of timing that, though.