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Raptor Threat (Dino Squad Book 1) - Tom     Wright

So, just starting, but I like the concept of translators: the dinosaurs roar and the translator turns it into human speech.  Not sure it's conceivable, even in the far future, but I like the idea. 


I'm also not super impressed with the prose so far: it's clean, but it's not the simple poetry of Asimov - which hid ideas of far greater complexity - nor the poetry of Lair Barron, who managed to be so without getting all purple prose on me. 


It's... serviceable.   I may change my mind in the future, but if I rated it based on what I'd read now this would get a two and a half to three star review.   I'm hoping I'll come to enjoy the style more and keep loving the ideas and that this will push up the star rating.