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Transformers - The IDW Collection - volume 4 - Andy Schmidt, Shaun Knowler, Shane McCarthy, Simon Furman

Page 322/minutes before page 325: 


Drift: Autobots are a step away from becoming Decepticons. 


Page 325: 


Kup: Wanna wear the Autobot badge?


Drift: Of course.


I paraphrased everything but 'of course'.   How... how is this logical?   He goes from slamming what the Autobots are, calling them almost Decepticons.   He never wants to be a Decepticon again.   And yet he skips right to wearing an Autobot badge?   Nope.   This definitely needed a way better editor!   This makes no sense.   OP and Megatron could fight there way through this plothole with room to spare!