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So this is how MTMtE was supposed to end

Transformers: Lost Light #16 - James Roberts, Jack Lawrence

At least according to James Roberts; he's been kind, and pleasant and truthful so far so I see no reason for him to lie about this.   I am interested to see how he was going to end the series originally - although it's bittersweet.   


He's leaving the fandom for a bit, and I'm crushed.   Will I follow him as an author?   Probably?   It really depends on if his next writing project really grabs me.   But this issue. 


Let's just talk about this issue.   This issue makes me think I will pick up whatever he writes next.   All the feels.   Is the crew of the Lost Light in the afterlife?   Maybe.   Maybe not, but nothing really makes sense either way, and you have theories from both sides from the crew. 


Not sure where this will go, but I'm eager to find out.