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I'm a well read grad student who's bluntly honest about all things, although I try to be most honest about myself.   

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Man Without Fear (2019) #5 (of 5)
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Man Without Fear (2019) #4 (of 5)
Danilo Beyruth, Kyle Hotz, Charles MacKay
Avengers and Thunderbolts
Pierce Askegren
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Savage Dragon Archives Volume 6
Erik Larsen
Spawn Origins, Volume 4
Greg Capullo, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri
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Permanence du discours sur Israël
Juliette Lichtenstein
Anti-Semite and Jew: An Exploration of the Etiology of Hate
Jean-Paul Sartre, Michael Walzer
Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman
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Israel/Palestine: How to End the War of 1948
Tanya Reinhart
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Vision in Silver
Anne Bishop
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So this happened

My school is not offering enough of the required classes for me to get into one which I need to graduate on time.   No one is picking up the phone, so even though I've called three people, I can't get answers. 


The registrar's office doesn't deal with graduate studies, so I'm basically screwed.   FML.   


Update before I posted: the professor, I later learned, was on sabbatical.  Oops.  I had already called me so she called me back while I was in the shower, discombobulating me.   Still, she is wonderful, I heard dogs in the background, and I may bring her something like a nice pastry for being so nice to me at some point. 


Someone from the curriculum schedule was in and I spoke to her, and she's going to see what she can do for me - so I'm feeling much calmer.