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Jessica asked to post about my shoes

I've been having a really hard day.   These shoes were originally $220, and I got them for slightly more than half off.   



My sister thinks they're really ugly.  


Tell me what you think, honestly, please.  



I'm thinking of wearing them to the stupid, boring wedding.   My sister thinks they're completely innapropriate, and I'm at the corner of don't give a fuck, and who the hell cares.   They make me feel awesome, so that's important to me right now. 


I got this Deadpool necklace which my sister is slightly more okay with wearing to the wedding.   It is definitely happening. 



I got these tights to go with the Dr. Strange dress: 



I got this Vision lovely: 



I got them for 25% off by putting them in a bag, which I also got for 25% off: 



And to top it off, I swung back and got this Grimlock for way too much at Newbury's: 



It was a pretty intense shopping day.   But I needed the stress relief and I have the money for it right now.   And I lurve my Grimlock and shoes, which I feel guiltiest about buying.   If the shoes are okayed for the wedding, I'm done shopping for the wedding.   


If not, barf, I need to find some amazeball yellow/bright gold six to seven inch stilettos.   I'm also reserving the right to return the shoes if they are super uncomfortable.