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Purse for my brother's stupid, boring wedding

I need to hide my iPad, which I told him I wouldn't bring.   Since he sabotaged me and straight up lied to my face again, I'm bringing it.  My mom doesn't give a fuck, because he's treated her so badly. 


So, I'm thinking this: 


Dr. Strange purse




this Scarlet Witch purse.


They both go better with the Dr. Strange dress.   I think I might wear that, rather than Birth of Cybertron.   Or if he pisses me off, I'll war Prince Robot IV who is all bloodied, both of which go with this bag.   Prince Robot IV would make me feel awesome, and I'll need to armor up if he's an asshole.   Geeky wear is my armor, as is my geeky makeup. 


Yeah, he told me dinner last Saturday was just social.  It was not.   It was to ask me to be a bridesmaid, which I knew was coming.  I used all the reasons: I am an introvert and need to armor up in my own makeup - true, I already bought the super comfortable dress I'm going to wear - also true since I placed my birthday order before Saturday just for this reason.   Also, you're being an asshole to me, which I said in slightly nicer words.   


And is also true. 


Anyway, I'm leaning towards the SW purse.   What do you guys think?