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No, fuck you, Marvel, I don't have the time or patience for another fucking reboot, when I'm still pissed off about nazi!cap.   Do I read Ta-Nahesi Coates' cap and just one half star it?   


Nope, can't do it. 


Not completely sold on Waid writing Strange, so right now I'm only interested in Deadpool and The Sentry, because Jeff Lemire.   And I kinda loved The Sentry in his Doctor Strange appearance, so I will give it a shot.   Might sign up for Strange. 


Avengers?   No Vision, but yes to cap, equals a definite no!


Nothing at all Vision related, it seems, and Champions isn't coming back, so fuck that noise.   


The artwork for the yearly fresh start - oh, sorry, reboot, but they are literally calling it Fresh Start this year which is making my eye all twitchy - has Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Wolverine but they have yet to announce titles. 


I will read Daredevil if he is written by anyone but Nick Spencer - almost anyone?   But it's a definite no with Spencer at the helm! - and I will give most writers a try with Jones and Wolverine, because Wolvie wast my gateway into the larger Marvel universe, and I kinda love Jones.   (Again, a flat no with Spencer at the helm of either of these series.)   DD saved my life when I thought I'd go blind and just was not coping well, so he gets more leeway and is the first unannounced title I will jump on if the artwork represents the full lineup. 


But, fuck, they're getting rid of the Guardians it seems, and may not have much X-Men.   Like this is a really, really weak lineup of comics they are starting out with. 


Oh, also, they put Black Bolt's writer on Quicksilver.   I love this author, but I really, really, really, really hate Quicksilver, so I think that's gonna be a hard pass. 


Basically, this feels like Marvel imploding.   I'm tired of a reboot every single year.   Just give me a good, solid series that lasts longer than eighteen months, y'know?  


Oh, also, Inhumans?   There are none.   Welp, there goes that...