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Way, way better than this

Batman (2016-) #32 - Tom King, June Chung, Mikel Janin, Hugo Petrus

Like this is what it was leading up to?   Really?   


I am gonna get mad, so spoilers behind the break. 



Batwoman can't marry her gf, but King writes this so-called epic so that in Rebirth, Batman can marry Catwoman?   Even though we all knew the 'well, we don't want Batwoman to have a lesbian marriage because superheroes can't be happy so they can't get married' was bullshit: Lois Lane and Superman anyone?   They did it again, proving that it wasn't just about that, without retraction and without Batwoman having her big day as far as I know, or even getting engaged.   Fucking bullshit.  


So from here on out, I will be half starring even when I love the storyline, the same way I do when Cap comes into a comic.   It's a thing I'm gonna do until both Marvel renounces the nazi!cap storyline and DC either divorces this couple in a flaming turd kind of way, has Batwoman hitched, or breaks up this engagement - again, treating it as if it were a flaming turd.   Not undo it like we all knew they'd do, but until Marvel HQ says 'this was a shitty thing to do, and we are genuinely sorry because it was shitty.'   


Because this kind of pisses me off: they're not even gonna deal with it?  Alright then.   Take my one-half stars, DC.   And Marvel.   Because now I'm tying this to one-half stars for nazi-cap I'm mad.   Because my activism with one-half starring comics stemmed from nazi-cap and that will never not piss me off.   Never.