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"Are you having sex in my bed?" AKA I may not be invited to my brother's wedding

Because, y'know what?   It's gross enough that my brother takes his GF into my bed, even after he said he'd stop. 


But I keep wondering if he wants the room with her when they're alone to have sex in my bed - and he doesn't wash the sheets.  


So he finally said he needed to talk to my mom to stop taking over my room.   I flat out asked if he was having sex with her in my bed, which he balked at.  


Well, darling, then stop fucking sleeping in my bed - and possibly fucking in my bed.   I told him I found it equally inappropriate that he was still sleeping there. 


So, that's the story of how I probably got disinvited to a wedding I wasn't sure I wanted to go to anyway.   Not sure if I'll take the wedding shower date off, since fuck him so much at this point. 


I'm so mad I can't sleep.  I'm shaking a little.  


Just.... fuck.   


Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck.