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Transformers vs. The Visionaries #1 - Magdalene Visaggio, Fico Ossio

How could I not: Transformers written by the woman who brought us Kim and Kim?   Still, it wasn't my favorite; it's fun, but MTMtE and LL manage to be fun - and also have a little extra, because they're not only smart, but so packed with jokes, and cleverness and foreshadowing...


That is to say: this is fun, and smart, but so far this series has a couple minor drawbacks.   For example, it has to compete against Roberts' Transformers, and the best of Barber and Scott's work.   And it focuses so much on the human factor.   Most of the TF I like best have less humans, if any at all. 


Magic versus science, and all on Cybertron.  I didn't see how this happened, but I'm okay not knowing; anything too relevant is explained.  


Looking forward to issue two.