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My Best Friend's Exorcism: A Novel
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Starting Out with Python (4th Edition)
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Python for Everybody: Exploring Data in Python 3
Elliott Hauser, Aimee Andrion, Charles Severance, Hans Blumenberg
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Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
Allen B. Downey
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Steed and Mrs. Peel: We're Needed #1
Marco Cosentino, Ian Edginton
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Lumberjanes #11
Carolyn Nowak, Noelle Stevenson, Shannon Watters
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: New Rules
Nicholas Brendon, Rebekah Isaacs, Christos Gage, Joss Whedon
Rising Stars: Compendium - Part 1
J. Michael Straczynski, Various
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Executive Assistant: Assassins Omnibus Vol. 1
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Blue Beetle (2016-) #16
Jr., Romulo Fajardo, Christopher Sebela, Thony Silas, Scott Kolins

Nice way to start the day

Judge Dredd: Mega-City Zero Vol. 1 (Judge Dredd (2015-2016)) - Erick Freitas, Ulises Farinas, Ulises Farinas, Dan McDaid

The nurses gave me permission to take it easy today: there is the promise of BLTs for lunch, the snow is falling at a leisurely pace, and I'd like to hit the hospital.   I was told I didn't have to, but there is anxiety about being stuck there, even if there's a discharge, so I want to go to make it clear we can get home if needed!


So I'm taking it easy.   I know I shouldn't have any effects today, but take it easy means reading and knitting and I'm all for that.   I'm making so many scarves because it's simple knitting I can do while I read (with Star Trek TNG in the background.)   If anyone wants a scarf, let me know what color and I'll get some yarn.   (I may ask for international shipping, but I'll ship locally for free.   Also, if you're wondering what my padding will be for box swaps in the future, you're getting scarves.)


Right, this book.   I liked it a lot: it was funny, but it was also very Dredd.   When Dredd seems to land in the future, he also runs into kids that he kinda tries to take care of until he abandons them to find out what happened to Mega City One.  


It's also not my favorite Dredd.   Mostly because, what the fuck, he's not arresting anyone.  I mean, he tries, but they laugh at or ignore him, so I'm like this is awkward and embarrassing and not what I wanted from a Dredd book.