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Champions (2019-) #3
Jim Zub, Jacinto Benavente

Yes, love!

Transformers: Till All Are One Annual 2017 - Mairghread Scott, Sara Pitre-Durocher

You wil not believe what happens to Windblade.   (I'm looking at Jessica, because I managed to hook her on TF comics, but not enough to be as obsessive as I am.   But, Jessica, WINDBLADE!)


Starscream is allowing elections to be held for the ruler of Cybertron - although he's using a different title - and I kind of can't believe his redemption arc throughout TAAO.   Like I was left stunned at the end. 


I also read the letter at the end, which was a 'welp, this is done, sad to see it go, but here's what I wanted to do and here's the people I'm thanking,' and that kind of did let me know what to look for in the Windblade story arc.   I was hyper aware of certain scenes because of this, but I can also see how this story arc - of her listening - was built up.   Then again, she's a City Speaker: her whole schtick is listening.   That is literally what her main purpose in life is.   


And she's good at it.   She's good at it because she cares, and she focuses on what people are saying; she's good at it because of her great empathy.   


There's a little about Knock Out and his conjunx, but it's one panel.   Still, it was just enough to make me go 'awww!'   It's got a lot about politics, who the best people are to lead others, and what length people will go to get power.   There's a lot that's hopeful, even in horrible arcs like Starscream's where he spends most of this series screwing people over.  


It's heartwarming and amazing and wonderful.   I do want further stories in this vein, and I hope someone will pick up Windblade's story later on - but for now?   This is the perfect ending to this series.