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Fandom box

I'm stressed out and can't really focus on reading tonight.  I'm also tired so I'm going to sleep early and wake up early and I actually am ahead enough that I can get away with doing that today, so yay!


So I'm finally posting for the fandom box. 


Mallory really spoiled me!



This is what I saw when I opened the box. 



I got so many postcards, so many lovely notes, and this is only the first.   The Imagine Dragons CD is amazing: I wouldn't have bought it for myself since I only knew one song, but I've been listening to it today going to school and I love it!


Captain America socks.   MCU since he's the one untainted by Spencer's awful nazi story.   That's my story and I'm sticking to it: everything I own that's Cap is now officially MCU, even if he doesn't look like it.



I got two of Mallory's books, one because she wanted to give away the new edition and the first because she had a spare around.   (Yay.   I'm looking forward to both of these, whenever I manage to sneak in some time around my comics and school and work and social actives.   And I want to cry when I type all that out because it feels like forty eight hour days.)


Also, a Stargate novel.   Well, I love the Power Rangers comic I got, and I said books out of my fandom were okay.   Mallory loves the leader in Stargate and that ties into my fascination with Black Bolt as leader of the Inhumans, I think.   So I'm hoping I love this as much as she does :D




I got a Power Rangers graphic novel and an Inhumans graphic novel.  I've been eying Attilan Rising as I want it in one full story, but I got the comics separately so I've been hoping for it to go on deep discount so I didn't feel like I was paying twice for it.   I'm looking forward to reading it in one sit during my first school break. 


I really loved the Go Go Power Rangers comic I got in this package - a different thing, because, yes, so, so spoiled - so I'm looking forward to this, so much so that I carry it to and from school in the hopes of stealing a little bit of time to read this.




Another postcard, the Buffy book I sent Mallory found it's way back home - which the art is amazing and I was considering buying a replacement so this is a welcome surprise - and a Marvel doodling book that I've been eying. 


A selection of comics, Power Rangers, Avengers, and specifically some Vision related Avengers.   Yay!   Including one with an iconic cover that I've been longing to read.   Yay.   I've already read Go Go Power Rangers and it's five dinosaur - or pre-human animal robots - that combine into one massive robot.   Yeah, I was bound to like that.  Looking into getting more of that, to be honest. 


I started the kids Avengers one that focuses on the Hawkeye/Black Widow pairing and there's this panel with the Vision just hovering above all the Avengers, arms crossed, causally looking down like 'this is what everybody would be doing if they could.'   It charmed me and made me all swoony.   



Pocky and an Iron Man toothbrush.   That toothbrush?  I collect those.   Mostly Transformers one, and believe it or not, I hadn't gotten around to the Iron Man one.   Each time I go 'well, maybe another Bee...'  


So, yay!


I have another toothbrush to use for emergencies/take with me on vacation that also expresses my love of fandom.



Mallory painted this, guys.   She painted this for me.   It's a Grimlock paper holder that's been personalized, and I love this so hard it's not funny.




Postcards and a pen.


I love all these notes.   Mallory took time on these, and it shows.   Thank you!   And that handmade illustration is just gorgeous!   



My unboxed Grimlock toy.   Love!  He sleeps with me.   It's... quite frankly it's actually probably dirtier than it sounds.   Because it's between my breasts.   And don't blame me: the toymakers made it the perfect size for that.   




Some Marvel Tsum Tsums with Vision.   Yeeeesss!   Vision!  Because this is how you make him more adorable.


Also, a closeup of my pen.  I love pens so this is a big deal for me.   Any pens are.



A little boxed Grimlock.  I don't have this one, so it's very, very exciting.   


Thank you, Mallory!