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Loving this storyline

Daredevil (2015-) #23 - Charles Soule, Alec Morgan, David Lopez

Matt Murdock tracks Jen Walters down to help on this case, and it makes sense: they're both lawyers, she's a well-known superhero and he's a secret superhero who's working a case involving his alter ego.   Yikes, I forgot how complicated the secret-life-of-Daredevil could get - and i love it!   I mean, Mike Murdock was absolutely ridiculous, but the complications that come with a secret double life always thrilled me a little.   It wasn't even about him protecting those around him, so much as how you can play with the fact that the audience knows what the other superheroes don't - that Murdock and Daredevil are the same - and that it can cause so much drama. 


It's fun, it's got action along with a thoughtful plot that gets moved forward, and I am just loving this storyline!   It really helps that while Daredevil is in Secret Empire - trapped in Manhattan, under a dark bubble, in a tiny bubble under that dome last I saw - but it doesn't seep into this series at all. 


Thanks for the brief respite, Marvel.