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So, hah

The Aggressors!! - Chris Hamlin, Shane Cuthbert, Marcus Harwood, Dan     Lee, Chris Young, Brett Savory, Jeff Robinson

Good luck finding this book online, y'all.   


But I'm 34 pages in, vintage semen is officially the scariest phrase I've read in a while, and this is completely bonkers.  


Like, no literary merit at all.  


I think I can say that cuz that's what Brett Savory, one of the co-authors, claimed to me: it was a work with no literary merit, and that is going to be the title to my truly bizarre review that I already have half-written in my head. 


For now, though, I need me some League of Dragons. 


PS - I apologize to the librarians.  I used Savory's blog as a source, since you can ask him about this.   He was pretty gleeful when explaining the premise to me, so he might not mind?


I could find zero references to it on the net, though.