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Readercon updates

Remember when I was skeptical about the Jackson Temeraire series?   It's officially dead; Novik herself said that not only does she have the rights back, but she's working on a screenplay. 


I'm kinda nervous: I skipped out on the last event today because I was too tired, and I remembered I don't enjoy it as much as the rest of Readercon.   Yes, it was for charity, and I know others love it, but I don't.   There are lots of reasons for this, none of which are the event or the panelists themselves.   I'm tired by then anyway, and less tolerant of most things.   I usually give blood on one day at Readercon and that was today and that sticks with me throughout the day.  I can get weird on and off. 


I was hoping to see Novik again and get back Shattered Glass.   You have to understand, I lent it on the understanding I would get it back: it can go for hundreds of dollars and up - if you can find anyone selling one.   (You usually can't.)   My anxiety is spiking, and not because of Novik - who is a doll.   She didn't bring it to her talk because she didn't know I'd be there.   (I did pass on some Decepticon temporary tattoos and comics since she likes them.  I'm going to try and bring more and be like, waggles eyebrows, when I get SG back?)   So yeah, anxiety about getting that back, probably due more to the fact that I'm an introvert who has spent all day socializing, I gave blood, I didn't eat for most of the day because I got so much sugar in the morning I felt sick and not like eating until around six, and I'm a little cranky.   So, yeah, guys, this is all me.   All.   All of it.  


That doesn't make me less nervous.   Or it anyone else's fault.  I just am and am coping as best I can. 


I got my first package for the book swap - and I love it.  I'm too tired and anxious to take pictures so that will probably happen on Monday.   Sunday, despite Readercon ending early in the day, I tend to get home, crash and just nap it all off.   So much social.  So little time.   So introverted.   All this equals needing to nap it all off.  I love Readercon but exhausted.