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Nikki is so selfish

Everbound - Brodi Ashton

She just doesn't give a crap about anyone but herself.   She wants Jack back after he sacrificed himself for her.   She is willing to worry her father and brother, even though her father is a wreck after losing his wife and the children's mother to a car accident.   She's willing to ask Cole, demand of help, despite the fact that she knows he's in love with her.   She acknowledges all this, but what she wants is more important. 


Let's not even get into how this is all a mess she created in the first place.   


Or that her love for Jack is dangerously unhealthy in the 'I can't live with you and will sacrifice everything including myself to get you back' kind of way.   Or to keep you safe.  I compare these kinds of reckless patterns of behavior to the Winchester brothers from Supernatural.   Love that show, hate how codependent and unhealthily attached they are to each other. 


And yeah, this rivals them.   


Just fuck that noise.  


I am into the writing itself, which is quite lovely, and I really love what she does with mythology and creating her own sense of that, based on some general myths.   But these main characters are annoying as hell.  I probably won't rate the other two books higher, but I did order them from the inter library loan.   We'll see how that goes...