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Loving this series

Red Tornado (1985) #1 - Kurt Busiek, Tom Ziuko, Carmine Infantino, Frank McLaughlin

I meant to buy this a while ago, but I flaked.   Well, and then I decided I was enjoying the newer DC titles than the older ones.   But I got this on the buy $30, get $20 off promotion at Comixology.   (I got an e-mail with a code, so I think you already had to be a member, get that e-mail and then you had a day or so to use the coupon.)


I bought the whole thing figuring this was pretty much free at this point, and boy, am I glad I did.  I've been struggling to get interested in reading, I've been struggling to finish all the comics I have from last Wednesday, so this has been going slowly, but I do plan on reading the rest of this four issue mini-series, hopefully soon. 


Much of this issue deals with the Red Tornado struggling to feel more human in his guise of John Smith, a man who takes temporary jobs from an agency in which Kathy Sutton works.   There's mention of them falling in love, but this pretty much fast tracks to them dating and hanging out with an orphan named Traya, whom they, ah, borrow from the orphanage?   Plot hole, but I didn't question it too much, partly because I know the background: Red Tornado saved Traya from her war torn country and brought her over to America.   He very well could have asked for this arrangement, and gotten it because of the status Tornado has as a former member of the Justice League.   (And also seems to be setting up Tornado marrying Sutton and adopting Traya.)


The other part of this story is one more aligned with most superhero comics, in which The Construct, an AI that wants to destroy all organic life and has been controlled by the Justice League thus far, plans his vengeance.   He is particularly upset at Red Tornado, whom he considers far superior to any organic life, and yet desires to be more them.  


Both storylines are compelling, and I've been having trouble finding anything at all that centers on the Red Tornado.   This was just what I needed.