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Balthazar - Claudia Gray

"She tried to rally.   'I'll tell them I'm a cougar.'"


I'd give you more but I feel like this will be so much funnier without any context. 


Also, yes, I need a small break from comics/superheroes right now.   Teen romance it is!   Not only that, teen paranormal romance, from the library.   They didn't have the first of these books, so I'm jumping in on book five.   The other two teen romances I have are also in the middle, but true to form, I took out three graphic novels and one manga.   Not true to form, I took out a nonfiction book about a hockey goalie.   


I also was out on the boat today, so I read a bunch of this.   I refuse to take my iPad Viv, or paper comics, on the boat, so it's been library books - which come out flawlessly when I take them out on the boat.   My own books not so much, go figure.