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Releasing Rage (Cyborg Sizzle Book 1)
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Fairy Tail, Vol. 10
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A Mad Zombie Party
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Mothering Sunday: A Romance
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Trish out of Water Vol. 1
Studio Parlapa, Ruben Curto, Giuseppe Cafaro, Mirka Andolfo, Vince Hernandez
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Evil Empire Vol. 1
Max Bemis, Mike Getty, Andrea Mutti
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Steven Universe Vol. 2
Rebecca Sugar, Coleman Engle, Jeremy Sorese

Lots of little updates

My credit card may have broken a computer at Build-A-Bear yesterday.  I joke, but the computer did crap out.   It turns out I was charged twice, too, so the manager was super nice and said she wanted to wait and see if it went through the pending phase - because I pulled up my app and pointed it out - and if it does, she's said she'd reverse the charges.   (It's right next to Newbury and I go there every week for comics, so it's not like it's a huge issue for me.)


I needed July 8th off to do something with a friend, didn't get it, and managed to get someone interested in the short shift.   Yay!  I'll be going to a botanical themed tattoo art show, now.   Which sounds fun, and my friend is on the board of that group, so she's pretty excited to see it, too.


I also got the new Humble Bundle after talking to someone.  I want the Funimation subscription for a month - which is having issues, but apparently Funimation is working on it right now - and I'd kind of like to try more Manga.   $17 dollars for 45+ issues of Fairy Tale and the spin offs is a steal.   (Plus, I'm like, well, I double paid for B-A-B and I'll get that back, right?)


I saw Girl on the Train.   So boring at the beginning, so tense at the end.