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FCBD World's Greatest Cartoonists - Anya Davidson, Emil Ferris, Dash Shaw, Joshua Cotter, Jason, Graham Chaffee, Matt Furie, Richard Sala, Jr.,  Ron Rege, Eric Haven, Ed Luce, Noah Van Sciver, Tommi Musturi, Ed Piskor, Simon Hanselmann, Cathy Malkasian, Anya Davidson, Emil Ferris, Dash Shaw, Joshua Cotter, Jaso

This was a huge FCBD issue.  Most are a little over twenty and this was almost six.   It's also a huge amount of short stories, all originals, or unused material from larger volumes.   Unused material counts as new to me since it was unpublished until now, though. 


Some were brilliant, some were weird and some didn't really strike me as intriguing.   (Nothing was bad, I should point out, but while some made me laugh or feel, or amused me, some merely confused me or made me shrug my shoulders.)


Even the ones I didn't care for?   Or were confused by?   The illustrations were just absolutely gorgeous.   And like with the Aspen samplers, I want to invest more time reading many of these authors' works.