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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2015-) #19 - Brandon Montclare, Natacha Bustos

Moon Girl gets a call for help and finds a way to travel to another world to find a lonely girl - or woman?   She and Devil Dinosaur leave Earth only to discover that there is a quite literal moon girl. 


I've got to be honest: I have no idea where this will go next, but everything about this just struck me as funny, or cute, or touching.   From me laughing out loud at Moon Girl and Doombot, to Luna's obsession with finding the girl and saving her, to Devil Dinosaur on another moon, all of this just made me feel warm inside. 


Luna's compassion and inner strength, her conviction and her heart, all make me love her more each issue.   This finds a way to be uplifting, hilarious, and just kinda makes my month every month. 


Lusciously colored fantastically cute art just help this book give me all the feel-good vibes. I can't even say I like the art or writing more, because this is yet another series where the art and writing seem to work off each other, fuel each other, and simply make each other work better.  


Absolute perfection.  I know I'm late reading and reviewing this, but I was just exhausted last week, and then got obsessed with my Aspen Humble Bundle, so here we are.   I also like to think that I have a week or so less to wait for my next Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, so maybe a little slacking will ease the pain of that wait.