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Fathom Omnibus: Part 2 - Mark Roslan, Alex Konat, Beth Sotelo, John Starr, J.T. Krul, Sal Regla, Alé Garza, David Wohl, Michael Turner

Putting this next screen cap behind a page break.   It's a pretty big spoiler, and this is so good I'm hoping some people indulge in the Humble Bundle - even for a buck - to get a taste of this universe. 


I should also mention that Alé Garza is doing it for me as a penciller more than Koi Turnbull was, so that's a plus.  By the time this was published, Turner had passed away, so unfortunately no more of his pencils.   (Although he does show up in covers: I'm assuming these were drawings he did before he died, that were inked and colored, and used as a tribute to him.)   His name has been taken off in that he's not listed as a co-story teller.  I wonder if he managed to outline volume two, and not volume three, or if the company made the decision to take his name off.   (Which I would understand: constant, monthly reminders of his passing could be hard for those employees who knew him, and if it's the case that he plotted volume two and not three, it could be unfair to this author, who came up with a whole new storyline.)


Regardless of what actually did happen, it's still fantastic!




I love that she's not going after revenge, but rather her remaining family.   I kinda love Aspen right now!