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Looking up some comic news and I found this


Why would you try to shame me for still reading what I enjoy?   Maybe if Marvel and DC were still writing books for kids only, but they dropped the code how long ago?   They write stories for adults, and while this commentator - and the creator of Savage Dragon - sneer on the main two writing for adults, why not?   That's where they're getting most of their money right now. 


Not to mention, Marvel has a weird thing about sex and has for a while.   Spider-Man saw his Aunt May having sex with Doc Ock when they were sharing head space for a while.   Vision's whole situation can get bizarre in all kinds of ways, and they had actual twincest in The Ultimates between the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.    I'm just saying some people don't want their teens reading this.   (My parents would have been more bothered by some of the violence, but still would have let me read this as a teen.)


The moralities get gray, and work like Tom King's Vision is spectacularly beautiful, not only visually, but in that it's thoughtful, thought provoking, and so layered that I get something new each time I read the books.   I also can see some adults being comfortable with children reading this - although Larsen, he who created Savage Dragon, seems to insist that Marvel and DC only write things for children.   



I'm just incredibly confused by the need to mock the people who read things.   Look, some comics, even Marvel and DC titles, are terribad and deserve mockery.   Or they're problematic and people should call them out for that.   However, I will never judge the people who love those things: it simply means that the story fit them. Maybe it wasn't the writing or art, but simply an aspect of that that touched theme and maybe even healed them.  


So, pretty much... fuck you, random dude on the internet.  Who made you the decider on what was okay for adults?   You're like that woman who thought it was super awesome -and mature - to yell at me for thirty minutes for not wearing a coat, because my comfort was less important than hers.   It's not.   It's childishly throwing a tantrum when you don't get your way because someone does something they like that you don't, something that isn't hurting anyone.   I'm not only going to keep reading Marvel and DC into my forties, but beyond that.   



It really, really feels appropriate to use this GIF, too.