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Information Resource Description: Creating and Managing Metadata
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The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
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The Late Great State of Israel: How Enemies Within and Without Threaten the Jewish Nation's Survival
Aaron Klein
Mojo: Conjure Stories
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A lot going on

I got my ISOLA print professionally framed, and it's been gone since yesterday.  I had a long talk about UV and what it did to signatures and, yeah, worth it to get that.   I also got a frame for my Wonder Woman stamps, and bought some frames for my mom for her prints for work. 


I also indulged in another Humble Bundle physical.   A fifty dollar comic for shipping and handling, which I can tell you is only $6.80.   The code is good for the first one thousand customers, and I forgot to check yesterday: there were two thousand ones sold, so I was sure I wouldn't snag the Harley Quinn variant, but I did.   Michael Turner bundle here.  It's gorgeous.  Or I should say Turner's work is.   Another comic fan described his expressions as static: everyone has the same facial expressions.  I agreed and proceeded to not give one single fuck.   Let me explain.   Most art, in my opinion, trades some realism for expression.   When you get photorealistic art, it gets hard to balance infusing it with an emotional content as the singular focus tends to be realism.   Most art - at least most realistic art, as opposed to abstract - trades off some realism for expression.   There are some rare artists who can combine both, but it's not very often.   There is something lush about Turner's art that makes me love it, no matter what.  (I can't help but compare to, say, Christian Ward's art on Black Bolt: it's freer.   It's super realistic, but has more of the abstract sensation of the emotive.   On the scale, it's traded some realism for emotion, but since I tend to gravitate towards art that moves me, and makes me feel, especially lately, I prefer Ward's art to Turner's.   They are both excellent artists, and I still admire Turner greatly, but I'll subscribe to Ward's Black Bolt, and not Turner's, because I have limited amounts of funds, and time.)   I haven't really delved into the Aspen worlds - and these comics, as well as the print comic are from Aspen - and I find myself looking forward to this!


Also, I'm still two reviews or so behind.  I'm tired, physically and mentally lately, and more prone to anxiety in which my heart races and I'm sure something crippling is coming.   Just lately, it was me having trouble with my breaks - trouble that was fixed - and being sure that my car wouldn't pass inspection.   (It did.)   But I was consumed.   I was also worried about getting the Harley promo and I did, so, y'know, unfounded anxiety.   I end up with crippling depression where I spend most of my free time trying to drag myself out.   And I'm not sure why.   I suspect it's, oddly enough, school.   As much as I'm looking forward to being a student again, I'm stumbling over a couple things.  Like it's not September yet, and I want it to be, and the world seems dreary in comparison right now.   And it's a huge change, and change freaks me out until  it's upon me, and then I adapt quickly.   Even knowing this, having a huge change looming ahead of me is messing with me.  


I've been, quite honestly, playing a shitload of Juice Jam to calm me down.  I want to do things: cook my own food to help me feel better and to eat healthier - more fruits and veggies, exercise more because it makes me feel better, and also get back into coloring for an hour before bed, and then sleeping and waking up at the same time each night and morning.   I've also committed into wearing makeup and looking, um, what I consider nice?   Geeky clothing and makeup themes.   But doing so makes me feel better, so I'm going to do that.  


I"m sleeping between my Transformers pillow and my Build-A-Bear Rocket, which I think is helping me to sleep more.   Nothing traumatic, or drastic, just small things in my life.   I'm having trouble focusing on reading, and that always makes me more depressed, so I want to commit to reading more steadily, too.