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Rocket all for me!


Yay!  I spent enough on him, his outfit, and his mini-groot - because no way was he not getting those things - that I got the mini Star Lord on sale.   And I signed up for their rewards program AND love Rocket enough that I'll get a larger Star-Lord, I think, if the coupons go through.   Or at least a Star-Lord suit as an alternative for Rocket, just for fun. 


But sooo soft.   So cushy.   Gonna cuddle up with him instead of Bee tonight.   I love the cybernetic aspect, and while it won't be quite as much of a sexy-fun-time as with Bee, I'll be less bruised!   Gonna skip the Bumblebear.   The more I look at him, the more it makes me sad that I don't have an IDW option.  Or, like, a Whirl-Bear.   Um, yeah, I might have looked at stuff on Etsy and reignited my Whirl thing.   


Unlike other fantasies, though, I realize that dating a violent sociopath who probably can't feel love, or doesn't have the attention span for it, is kinda appalling.   So I'm left wondering how that would work and am confused.   Basically, all my other options are hard, cold, and loveless, so Rocket it is.   Right now, he's making friends with my Chromedome and Rewind pillow.   




I just realized the snark level directed at them, though, so they will be separated promptly.




My life is sad.  How did I get into grad school again?