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Reread Black Bolt #1

Black Bolt (2017-) #1 - Leonard Bacon;Joseph Parrish Thompson;Richard Salter Storrs;Henry Ward Beecher;Joshua Leavitt;Henry Chandler Bowen;Theodore Tilton;William Hayes Ward;Hamilton Holt;Harold de Wolf Fuller;Fabian Franklin;Christian Archibald Herter, Saladin Ahmed

I normally don't so soon after a comic comes out, but I had an eye test and I was panicking.   That dye they drop in your eye?  I always freak out and close my eyes no matter how I try, then somehow manage to spiral into guilt because I feel like I should be able to do that.   I mean, I just trust doctors, I know they wouldn't drop anything in my eye if they didn't have to, or if it would hurt me, but I can't. 


So I always get anxious before hand, and I reread it on Viv before my eye test and felt a lot better.   


I have a new prescription, and I'll be filling that soon.  I'm planning on hitting the mall for my comics on Wednesday so just checking out if there are any BOGO deals there.