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So, this happened and I stumbled upon it, and Marvel tie-in


This ties into me being mocked for having Holocaust related trauma and refusing to read Secret Empire.   This ties into Secret Empire.   It's easy to forget these people actually exist when you don't read this for a while.   


But they do.   People actually defend Dr. Mengele.   And this is the point where I would drink myself into a coma if my head didn't ache so badly going down stairs might be a bad idea.   


And people like this?   Are why some of us are so protective of the hero Jewish men created to fight this kind of bullshit.   And why we're so protective of that symbol of hope.  I say again: Marvel could have told this story with anyone but Cap.   They could have created a new character.   But they didn't.   They wanted to snuff out that hope, because story!   Because they didn't think it would create this much controversy or that people would stop buying because of this.   They are pleading for patience and possibly spoiled the ending  because so many people are mad.   


But we're mad because we're seeing this in real life.   We're mad because we shouldn't be mocked for having nightmares, for having trauma, when this mindset is on the rise again.   We're mad because we're scared because of what we're seeing, when our families have lived through this.   


Fuck this guy who wrote this message, by the way.   Fuck him so hard.