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My comics haul today

Fandom Wednesday is starting late today, and might go until Friday this week.  Or through the weekend.  Or I might just keep reading comics continuously because it's the one thing that's helping. 


Reading Marvel, not reading Marvel, none of it is helping.   Although I did read Marvel's plea to wait and see the end of Secret Empire.    Um, no, still fuck this noise, Marvel.   They've yet to give me more of my codes and didn't give me 100% of my first haul.   And I didn't even ask for some that I hadn't tracked down, because it was too much effort.   Ah, well, I'm probably not even gonna get some of them as digital issues: not really worth it for me.   Karnak?   No.   Spider-Gwen didn't even have DD and I love him in that universe. 


But between the crap that Marvel's been putting me through and other issues, this is a bright spot.   



That's right, the codes are back, yay!   


And here's my full haul: 



And I still have twenty dollars or so on my gift card for my birthday so that will last until Lost Light, which is coming out next week.   Yay!  Now to catch up on reviews, then start reading.  I'll read in paper since I had a blinding migraine this morning, napped, dragged my ass out  of bed for comics, then came back home.   (And, no, I don't have the action figure variant of Black Bolt.   Newbury didn't qualify for it, so I'm guessing not a ton of people subscribed to it.   C'est la vie!  I can live with just the regular cover.   And they didn't put in the holo Batman cover, which they've been doing for the Watchmen crossover with The Flash.   The last one was not only one dollar more, but gave me a migraine, so I got a non-holo cover this time.)