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Evil Empire Vol. 1
Max Bemis, Mike Getty, Andrea Mutti
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Not a favorite

Titans (2016-) #9 - Dan Abnett, Andrew Dalhouse, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund

And I will not be making this series a priority.   The team dynamics didn't really work for me.   And it's not because they couldn't, or didn't, work well as a team.   They did.   There just wasn't the chemistry between any of them that sparkled for me, and so I found myself slightly bored.  

Just gonna admit it: I'm getting around to reading some of the comics I got weeks ago during a buy one, get two free sale.   This was one that rounded out this, because Bumblebee.  Which, yes, I knew who Bumblebee was in DC and not to expect my Bee.   Still, I figured, free, and I'd give another Rebirth series a shot. 


I also kinda guessed what would happen at the end, so that wasn't a real shocker for me.  I liked how the team went about finding out what was really happening, though, and insisted on proof instead of just acting on their gut.   If I enjoyed the way these characters interacted more, I'd definitely pick up more of this series.