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Updates on comics

I have some changes I'll be making.   I'll be buying more digital, more on sale, and reading more via Hoopla/the library.   I'll also be reading, and particularly buying, more DC, Image, Black Mask, and IDW.   Possibly also BOOM!, and Dynamite.    This is due to my second paragraph, largely, but I also want a more manageable library - and digital helps me keep them more organized and they are, therefore, more easily found.   If possible, I'll take part in a digital redemption, thus having the option of both, but not many companies are jumping on this bandwagon yet.  I also want less clutter as I feel this will be less stressful for me, so there you go.   (I also really like being able to buy single issues if I have particular interest in a character, and not having to worry that they'll sell out.)


I'm not ready to give up on Marvel completely, but I will be cutting back on them.   For a couple reasons, some real politics type reasons and some fictional type reasons.   On the fictional side: Secret Empire bothers me enough I'll be dropping anything that isn't a favorite.   Gwenpool has been less charming to me as of late, so she's going.   It's just not quite as bitingly insightful as Deadpool.   And hey, speaking of Deadpool, I love the dude, but he has Captain America - Steve Rogers version - hero worship and rumor mills says he'll be backing Rogers post Hydra revelation.   I'm going to do some more research and soul searching, but if this is true, I'll be dropping the title.   Even if it's temporary or kinda-sorta, there's a large chance I'll drop Deadpool, which is one of the more shocking revelations to me. 


The real world politics.   


I never dropped titles, like others did, when Marvel dropped their codes and yet I got the first batch of comics, which didn't include the six dollar oversized that I kind of really wanted.   I'm mad that others are being more 'helpful' by telling Marvel what they're dropping and the people who didn't do so got the shaft.  As I suspected, my 'these are the consequences of ignoring me/not giving me my codes' e-mail - which was polite, if terse, and told them I'd be buying less digitally due to their apparently not giving me the codes.   Based on previous experience talking to CS, they were ignoring me: I've NEVER had them take over a week and even if it's been close to, they've always told people they're going to be over 48 hours due to heavy traffic if that's been the case.  I had every reason to believe they were ignoring me, and I've been ignored on Twitter while they were actively responding to others with the same complaint.   Or some customers are treated better than others, and it's been me who's been ignored enough times that I've had it.  


If I'm staying with titles, it's because they do something for me, and it would hurt me more than them not to read them.   They're going to find this to be less beneficial to them than if they'd treated me as an equal to other customers.   Because they'll find that some titles I kept on with because I was vaguely interested and invested in supporting them because I loved them.   Those titles will be gone.   What it boils down to is that I'll be spending a lot less money with them.   I'm still invested enough in some characters to keep going with them.   Vision, Viv Vision and Black Bolt.   Devil Dinosaur, Moon Girl, and Daredevil.   Those may be the only six for me right now, as I'm on the fence about Spider-Gwen.   (Although a Triton or Maximus the Mad might perk up my interest.)


Right now, Daredevil, Black Bolt, Royals, Avengers and Champions will stay on my pull list.   Gwenpool and Uncanny Avengers will be gone.   Spider-Gwen and Deadpool may be pulled, although I'm leaning towards keeping Spider-Gwen and taking Deadpool off.   While series like Deadpool Vs. Punisher used to be 'maybe I'll try them' for the first issue in stores, it's very unlikely that I'll invest in such mini-series in the future.  I've already said I'm burnt out on the shorter series runs for Guardians of the Galaxy so they'll be gone. 


Marvel also is gaslighting us all about Hydra and nazis.   Nick Spencer tweeted about how he'll focus on Jewish heroes in the underground, and I don't understand why that would matter if this weren't a matter of nazis, instead of general fascism as he claims Secret Empire will be only about fascism.   Also, I'm confused as to how Cap is fighting Red Skull over Hydra and this isn't about nazism.   After all, Red Skull was one of Hitler's inner circle.   Here's the point: if Hydra had, as Marvel claims, distanced itself from nazism so much, then Red Skull wouldn't be part of this fight.   The reason I'm so anxious and distraught over this?   Turns out it's not about the fictional world so much it is about real life people really trying to gaslight me about this issue.   Then I feel like they're trying to retcon real life, but no matter how much they change in the fictional world, it's impossible to change the fact that Hydra was created by two Jewish men to be a nazi stand in.   (And that's just more gaslighting there, but added to the two issues I brought up?)   I'm also super unhappy with the Secret Empire spoiler from issue 0, and that affects, and taints, the world I loved.  


Okay, guys, I'm gonna leave it at here now.   But I've been severely anxious and depressed for the past couple of weeks, at times flirting with suicidal thoughts.   And I think I nailed why I'm like this.   (Plus, the school thing.   Big, good changes make me wonder if, or when, the other shoe will drop, so there's that.)   I'm going to make positive changes in my life to prevent this, starting with a huge change in how I deal with comics, buying and collecting them, and reading them.   


I'm going out to eat with my sister, or bringing food in.  But after that, I'll tell you my other comic book plan.   I'm going to let you guys vote on one comic/graphic novel I buy per week - one that is specifically not Marvel.   I've decided to do this at work this morning and I'll mostly announce the choices on Friday and buy them Saturday after work so I can binge it.   (If it's one comic, I may end up indulging in two or three of the series!)   This time, I'll announce today and start off buy dropping up to fifty dollars on Comixology.   Because I want new DC, Black Mask, Image and IDW comics.  (I'll probably spend ten a week on the others, tops.   But I'll give you the choices soon.)


Later, all.