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Ardian Syaf's contract terminated by Marvel

He is a Muslim and also Indonesian, and the reason he was fired was for inserting political propaganda into an X-Men comic.   Read about it here if you so choose.   He also hid part of 'Jewelry' on a sign next to Kitty Pryde, a Jewish superhero, so that it read 'Jew.'   Part of the problem people had was in such an inclusive comic about being outcasts, he put in things that appeared to be anti-semitic and anti-Christian and supported those who would punish a governor for being Christian.   I wasn't sure about the Kitty Pryde panel, but he also said that Marvel is owned by Disney, so if you offend Jews there is no mercy.   Huh.   What about that?   How about not being offensive, and then maybe they won't fire you for being unprofessional?


I also wasn't sure about the German, and incredibly religious Catholic, character hitting Kitty in the face with a bat, especially after reading that it seemed just how it was placed.   Now that he's so ready to blame Jews, however...


Also, his Facebook had a picture of him with some extremist on it, which makes it harder to believe that he's so innocent.   (The picture is gone and I'm trying to find an article with it.  I wasn't going to post, then chose to, and now I can't find those articles again.  I will post with proof if I can find it again.  I thought I'd read it in multiple places so it would be easy to find!)  


It's just a whole clusterfuck.   The majority of the people are glad he's gone, and fellow Muslim, and comic book insider, G. Willow Wilson was saying his career would be short lived.  She also said it would make it harder for other Muslim's working in comics.   Here's an article where Indonesian artists are talking about if it'll be harder, how much, and yes, there is some speculation on this in the first couple comments, even.   This article has a response by the writer of Black Bolt, promising no subliminal messages.   It's frightening, or must be for him, that he has to proactively protect himself from what someone else did.   (I didn't mention it was because of this, but I noted his twitter name, that he was writing for Black Bolt - I signed up for a subscription before I even looked at the writer's name, to be honest - and looked him up and sent him how excited I was to read this.  He already thanked me, too, so I know he saw that and hopefully felt some support coming his way.)


It's infuriating that artists and writers pay for something someone else did, as if they might be as unreliable, as if they might slip in something behind Marvel's back, too!  The artist who started this said his career was over on Facebook, then deleted it, although it's screenshot and up in multiple articles.  I have to leave for a friend's house in a minute, or I'd look that up, too.   


G. Willow Wilson I've read - at least her Ms. Marvel title.   She does wonderful stuff: it's a Muslim hero who loves her fellow humans, and heroes, no matter what faith.   It also shows a little bit about the Muslim religion, without feeling overbearing or preachy to me.   It's simply a part of Kamala's family life.   I haven't read any by the Black Bolt writer, but I do enjoy that he's not part of the normal white, cis, het, male,Christian or Jewish writers there.  I want to read more by black writers, by Muslim writers, by gay and transgendered writers, by women writers, by anything but what the majority is, by anything that I'm used to or have lived myself.   It gives me a little taste of a different perspective and I crave that.  


And, hey, I was never gonna cancel Black Bolt.  I wanted it no matter what, because I love this character.   Realizing his writer wasn't just another white boy?   That's just a bonus for me.   (I've seen more art now, and oh, my, that is just gorgeous.)  I'm not saying anyone should, and I'm certainly not saying they should because this writer is something - or not.   But I'll let you all know if it's good come May third, and I know the writer has said he's making this a good starting point.   Even if Black Bolt, or the Inhumans, are new to you, hey, this'll be a good jumping on point if you want an introduction before their IMAX movie/TV series this September :D