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The Prey of Gods - Nicky Drayden

Finished, loved, and am heading out soon.  I also have to review two Aquaman graphic novels that I read on Saturday, but I wanted to focus on finishing this next. 


Rolled dice for BLoopoly under the new rule. 



So I got four.   I'm at 29.   Something by air travel now.   



I got doubles for the first time!   So I rolled again: 



Six lands me on 35. 



And a police procedural.   We'll see what fits there, I guess.   Haven't decided on either for now.  I'm going to spend some time outside.   I'm going to B&N again, browsing a little, then walking to the mall and getting an iced coffee somewhere, I think.  Maybe.   Then I'll just wander around, or go back to B&N and read until dinner.