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So, I was just reminded that Jae Lee existed and is amazing

Inhumans By Paul Jenkins & Jae Lee - Paul Jenkins, Jae Lee

And that Jae Lee illustrated the Inhumans at one point.   Drools. 


I'm counting it as Western Europe as Attilan is somewhere in the North Atlantic ocean, and it has kings, queens, and class systems that would mimic old-timey Western European cultures.  


Arguably, they are the Western Europeans of the Marvel Universe.   


Plus, no one knew exactly where it was until it was teleported to the Himalayas.   (This is, as far as I remember, pre-teleportation.)  So, yes, I'm counting it.   It's about 288 pages, so I'm getting two bucks, if I understand correctly.   I also want to finish some Black Mask stuff first, because genetically engineered, sentient, talking guns that take drugs and make out with girls.   Ballistic is fucked up in all the right ways.