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I'm a well read technosexual who's bluntly honest about all things, although I try to be most honest about myself.   

Currently reading

Fairy Tail 6
Hiro Mashima
Progress: 139/208pages
Brodi Ashton
Progress: 247/368pages
Mothering Sunday: A Romance
Graham Swift
Progress: 8/177pages
Trish out of Water Vol. 1
Studio Parlapa, Ruben Curto, Giuseppe Cafaro, Mirka Andolfo, Vince Hernandez
Progress: 39/120pages
Evil Empire Vol. 1
Max Bemis, Mike Getty, Andrea Mutti
Progress: 15/116pages
Steven Universe Vol. 2
Rebecca Sugar, Coleman Engle, Jeremy Sorese
Jason Horn
Curb Stomp
Ryan Ferrier, Devaki Neogi Kiran
Progress: 17/115pages
Transformers: Autocracy Trilogy
Livio Ramondelli, Chris Metzen, Flint Dille
Progress: 23/335pages
Transformers and Philosophy: More than Meets the Mind
Geoffrey Allan Plauché, Liz Stillwaggon Swan, John R. Shook
Progress: 12/384pages

For everyone on Instagram

I have an instagram.  I take pictures of physical comics, whereas most of my pictures on BL are from digital content.   (Because I read a lot of comics on Vin as well as Viv* and it's easier to take the pics of physical comics on Viv and Instagram them.   Tumblr images don't like working on Viv, so basically if I read on Viv, Instagram and if I read on Vin, BL.)


I don't do reviews on Instagram, but I may screenshot those images and then post my reviews there by linking to them.   Still, if you feel like you'd like to get my photos from Viv, I'm @allhailgrimlock there, too.   Here's the direct link.


*That's right.  I'm calling my things by their name.   Vin=laptop, Viv=tablet.