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Took this out of the library

Archie, Vol. 2 - Mark Waid, Thomas Pitilli, Ryan Jampole, Veronica Fish

I want to read more DC, independents, and graphic novels from the world - manga, European comics, anything else I can get my hands on - so I'm going to be taking a lot out of the library for the next couple of months.  (Also The Familiar series because I want to get started on that; I forgot how much I love how that book looks!)


I'll also be using Hoopla, to bolster my physical comic reading.   And I may buy some more French comics from Comixology when I get through what I bought with my Comixology giftcard!


Archie, and continuing this series, was one of the things I wanted to do when I saw this on my local library's bookshelf.   I picked this and Jughead volume two up, as well as a whole huge pile of DC comics, and some manga, and... well, a whole big pile!   I'm loving this, but not as much as I loved volume one.   Partly I'm not as crazy about the new artist, Veronica Fish.   And she is a great artist, I'm just absolutely in love with Fiona Staples' work on this series, so it didn't really hold up quite as much for me.   


And partly this feels really good and inventive.   It's Archie, but there's more complexity in how he relates to the world.   Archie is still what he was meant to be: a sweet boy who comes from a good family.  I don't like using everyman here, because in some ways he's incredibly blessed.   He does, however, come from what is arguably ideal circumstances: his family are all decent people who love each other, they aren't so poor they're being driving out of his house, and no one's sick, physically or mentally.   Wholesome is the word I'd use for what Archie was intended to be, and I think he still is.   Just because the world is more complicated, and just because he had to evolve, he's no less wholesome.   He's just a whole lot more interesting.   


Betty is a mechanic, although confused about how she fits into the world - like when she's not sure if she wants to wear dresses or not, and Veronica has a little more sympathy for those with less than she does, without taking away from her obliviousness about those who have less money or without making her any more comfortable in that world.   And it's not that this comic is less offensive; Archie wasn't, from what little I've read of the original.   It just bored me.   And this proves that it isn't because old-Archie was too good; this isn't less about that wholesomeness.   It's just by making it more complex, this reintroduction, and reimagining, of Archie made it much more interesting to me.