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Not even gonna lie: mad about this

Royals (2017-) #1 - Al Ewing, Jonboy Meyers

Ugh.   Why did Royals have to suck so much?   I don't normally like Ewing's writing, but half forgot that he'd written this.   When I did sign up for this?  I knew, but I wanted my Black Bolt fix.   (And lemme tell you right now: Black Bolt better not fucking suck as much as this did.)   This takes everything Soule did - all the subtle power plays and said 'nah', this drained all the humor and warmth out of this series - and just pretty much shat on all that.  


And yeah, I'm mad.   I'd been hoping Ewing would up his game, but I guess his story about lulz hallucinating while he finished writing this makes sense, because what in the every loving fuck?  From the depressing opening five thousand years in the future - no, I want to read about now - to the batshit 'this is our penance' speech Medusa gives at the end, to the fact that Jonboy - an artist I usually like - just not doing it for me, no to this whole issue.   Well, except that ending, which makes sense when Medusa says it like that, and which I'm kinda really eager to see how that turns out!  


Then there's the fact that despite this being titled Royals, there's barely any Black Bolt, and Medusa did away with the royals so they aren't really that.  


And really, if they wanted to do penance, I can think of a lot better ways - like helping the people on Earth, including Inhumans, getting Maximus to make them more Terrigen crystals, and building instead of running away.   Not well thought out, because if they wanted Inhumans In Space, they could have done a lot better with the why.   Although, I guess they couldn't get the possibly evil Kree experiment  to take them to where Hala Once Was, so...


Ugh, all in all, I don't know.   One half star because this is a Thing That Exists.   Another half star for that ending.  I was disappointed in everything else.  I will find a shitty book that I own/one that I'm getting rid of and tossing it somewhere far and hard if Black Bolt's series sucks this much. 


Then again, Al Ewing isn't writing it, so...   Al Ewing is also the reasons I"m not going to pick up the new Rocket series, which is just called Rocket.   Fuck it, I'm not doing this anymore, Ewing.   I mean, yeah, I want to see where Royals goes now, but Rocket?   I'll take a pass on that.