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Star-Lord (2016-2017) Annual #1
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I'll be at the PO Wednesday

I'm going to ship out a box of comics that should arrive in time for my birthday.  I'm trying to do something nice for my birthday each year, and this year it coincides with learning out my room.   I have a pile of books outside my bedroom that I want to get rid of, just because I want to lessen the clutter a little.   


I'll offer up to two boxes to anyone in the US.   They'll be medium sized priority flat rate boxes.   Last time I got twelve books + other things for a mystery box in there, but I have some mass markets, so I might get more in there this time.   I also may have extra comics so if you prefer some comics in there, let me know.   These will be mostly fiction, all fiction for the comics, and randomly chosen.   I will look at your profile and try to pick out something appropriate, but I can't promise anything in particular.   


As for the comics, they'll be super random: issues I got seconds of in grab bags, so in the middle of the runs, or things I really want to read, but I'm overwhelmed and it's making me anxious so I want to weed out my collection.  I'm dumping most of my old Captain America titles in protest of what they've done to him, too.  (He's not a favorite and I only have new stuff when he guest stars, and I'm keeping that.  I love my Deadpool run too much!)


First two people who comment will get these books.   Thanks to Murder By Death.   She gave me the last minute idea when she ran something similar with a duplicate of a book she had.   I figure this is partly paying it on, partly a birthday thing for me.   


If you want, I'll be celebrating next Saturday, April 8th.   If you want to unbox everything then, and share the contents/your reactions, feel free.   (And honestly, if you want to pan my choices, feel free as well.   I know I won't get everything 100% right, but you can always pass the books onto your local library or school if it doesn't fit you, too :D)