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Infamous Iron Man (2016-) #1 - Brian Bendis, Alex Maleev

When Iron Man falls, a new Iron Man takes his place.  Victor Von Doom, face healed, wanting to do good to make up for his former awful, awful deeds decides to don the iron armor.   And he actually seems to do want to do good, starting with tracking down his old allies and making sure they don't fall back into old habits. 


This is exciting, even though I've seen this happen before.   When Doctor Octopus was dying of cancer, he used the last of everything he had to switch bodies with Spider Man.   Otto Octavius became Peter Parker, living Peter's life to the fullest: he created a company that Parker would take over when he got his body back, he had a super smart, super adorable girlfriend, and he patrolled the streets as The Superior Spider-Man.   He was convinced for a while that he was superior. 


And this is fairly close to what Superior Spider-Man was doing - except it's not a cheap knockoff.   While Otto was swayed by Parker's memories into becoming a good man, while he had the ghost of Parker living in his head, Doom does not: he is his own man, as he's always been.    Otto, in the end, had truly good motivations: he did want to protect people.  


Not so much with Doom.   You're not really sure what his motivations are yet, but you get the creepy feeling they're neither a survival tactic like with what Otto did, nor that he's quite as heroic as Otto turned out to be.   


Basically, it's the same and it's not.   And it's exciting to see Marvel ask what happens when evil men take on the masks of their former foes - and why they would do so and what happens.   Dark Avengers did this, only to reveal that the group was truly evil masterminding.  I hope that's not the case with Doom: this is an absolutely fascinating look.  He doesn't lack for his egotism, or confidence, or any of the things that made him Doom before.  He simply, clearly, had something change how he looked at the world.   And I for one can't wait to see where this takes him!