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The Phantom Eagle's plane!

Doctor Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets Infinite Comic #5 (of 8) - John Barber

A little known relic called the Phantom Plane is used in this comic, now.   It's not original to this series, as the introductory comic is mentioned in an editor's note, but I've never seen it before now.   That is: I know a lot of Marvel and this was pretty much unknown to me.   It hurts to admit it, but, yeah.   I've always said I don't know 100% of Marvel things, and yet admitting it so concretely makes me ashamed, as if I should know.   


Ah, well, I'm more than happy to have been introduced.   During WWI, a son dressed up like a superhero and flew his plane on many a missions.   He did so to protect his parents, although the enemy who eventually tracked him down killed his parents - and then the Phantom Eagle himself.  (And I was just told  by the interwebs that he showed up in a Secret Wars spinoff - Where Monsters Dwell - that I started.   I didn't recognize him, which is even more embarrassing.  Or maybe his SW incarnation was simply less entrancing than this one?)


The Phantom Eagle is gone, but his plane lives on, a magical relic that Strange and The Punisher can use in their attempt to curtail the satanic mob activity that has them working together.   And it does quite admirably.   I found the plane the part that I liked most about this series, although it's lost none of its charm from the previous issues.