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My present!

Is the most perfect thing ever.   Jessica knows me so well!   There was squealing.   And laps.   (You'll get that when you get to Lost Light #2.   I will BR that with you whenever you are ready!)


I was hoping for a Bee backpack earlier today, to cheer me up during a really bad attack of anxiety over school.   I... did not get one.   I actually tried both Toys'R'Us and Target and found nothing that tempted me.   


I was holding an overpriced Robots in Disguise gift bag at Toys'R'Us, but, eh.   I don't particularly like that show, and I don't particularly like Grimlock in that show, so I passed.   I was hoping for some toothpaste or shampoo, even at Target, but no luck.   They barely had anything, and so did Walmart.  I was even more worried and even a little depressed at that point.  


So when it was time to hit my friend's house for movies, I checked outside as Jessica said that it should hit my house today and the mailman was further down the street.   Two packages were outside, one for my sister, and one for me.   Redbubble excited me: I knew a lot of fan artists hang out there, and I had a sneaking suspicion this was IDW Transformers since I hooked Jessica on those.  


Little did I know how perfect this was: 



Redbubble pillows come in two parts: the pillowcase and the stuffing.   The stuffing panics you at first, because it looks way too big.   Apparently they get this all the time because the slip of paper that comes with this tells you, calm down, we know, it looks too ginormous to ever fit.   Take a deep breath, fold it in half, stuff it in the pillowcase, and zip it up. 


I did.   This came out: 



There's more to this story.   Jessica linked me to something on Etsy and I linked her back something with Rewind and Chromedome, the married couple you see on this pillowcase.   (Although they're really conjunx endura.   That's the name for gay-married for guys in IDW Transformers; girls, at least girls from Caminus, you are amica endura, although this is lifelong best friend, and while there is a relationship that implies something more, I'm not sure there is.)


I'm pretty I would have been like TOO PERFECT, but she kept her cool and said nothing at all, except 'this is awesome.'   I've been giggly.   I put it together at my friend's house as he got stuff done and went 'so awesome,' and explained it to him.   He did not get it.   


He did tell me he was glad I love it, though, and I do so much.  This has made my day, and just when I needed it the most.   Thank you.