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Jen continues to struggle

Hulk (2016-) #2 - Mariko Tamaki, Nico Leon, Jeff Dekal

And I find this incredibly compelling.   She has good days and bad days and manages to laugh and smile with her assistant.   However, she also still curls up into balls and hits things - with Hulk strength - and is having a little trouble maintaining her work life and self-care at the same time. 


And this is the thing: traumatized people, and depressed people?   They can work hard to hide it, and get very good at that.   They also aren't necessarily fragile all the time.   They can have good days, or moments, and bad.  They aren't unwell on anyone else's schedule.   In other words: this feels like a realistic and compassionate take. Marvel not only gets bolder in its storytelling, but tells more relevant stories. 


And I am loving this.   No superheroics as of yet, but there's more than enough here to keep me not only occupied, but happily so.  


There's a little more revelation about Jen's client - and her still mysterious friend, a little more about Jen's current mental state, and more of her just getting through day by day.   I hope this continues to be excellent and real and relevant.   


Highly recommended!  I wanted to support more women-oriented books during Newbury's Marvel buy one, get one free sale.  This is the best buy yet, and I actually only got one at first and went back the next day for two.