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Looking forward to issue four!

Shade, The Changing Girl (2016-) #3 - Tini Howard, Sanya Anwar, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Marley Zarcone, Cecil Castellucci, Becky Cloonan

This is the last issue out, and it was also part of the line wide sale so I snapped it up.  I'm absolutely loving this series: it's bizarre, it's fun, and there's no particular character that I'm fond of.   It works despite, and maybe because of this.   It allows me to focus on the story it's telling, and given all the high concepts fit in here?   I think that's good.   Sympathetic characters would be overwhelming for me at this point. 


Having said that, I should mention that the last couple of pages are very short side stories, in all three issues, a fact I neglected to mention the first couple of times.   I might have minded, were they not so much fun and so much in the same vein as Shade herself.   They show a yearning for adventure, tragedy, cruelty, all of which tie into the main storyline.   They are written and drawn by different creative teams, too. 


Anyway, Shade finds out a bit more about Megan and decides to adopt at least some of her tactics.   What's really interesting is that she's been engaging with other people, but not as Megan, or even a particularly good Megan stand in.   Now she seems to be engaging on the same level: she's thinking in human terms and trying to act more human.   It means that some of the 'she's been in a coma and wasn't going to survive' sympathy will melt away.   I assume all the old hurts will come back stronger than ever as Megan starts to act more like her old self. 


Oh, yes, this will be interesting.   Especially as Shade allows Megan's old emotions - in this case her rage - come in, and allows that to motivate her.   I'm very, very interested in where this is going.